Cobb HR Solutions

Outsourcing HR has never made more sense (and affordable)! 

Offering a full range of support and services to meet the needs of your evolving business. Taking your business needs to heart without cookie cutter templates designed for "all". Care is taken to understand your business, market, values, mission, and more to ensure benefit (to you) is gained. After all, effective HR begins with all those factors on the table!

Getting to the point (what's the cost)?

DIY HR can cost companies well over $50,000 a year (roughly $4,200/month) and that is assuming all is done correctly! Cobb HR Solutions strives to take work off your plate and support your bottom line. It is hard to say how much our services will cost YOU as it greatly depends on what your needs are. However, we offer multiple service inclusions at different price points based on company size (up to 15, 25, 50, 75, and 100 employees). Ultimately, the last thing anyone wants (from both our sides) is to break your budget and prevent growth as a business so options to customize are available.

All-Inclusive HR

♦ Beginning at $819/month

♦ Access to dedicated company HRIS for all employees (with administration)

♦ Completed payroll at your desired frequency

♦ Monthly employee engagement (with leadership briefing)

♦ Automate on/off boarding

♦ PTO policies

♦ General HR consultation hours

Basic Consultation Plan

♦ Beginning at $425/month

♦ General HR consultation hours for any HR process/project needs

Pay As You Go

♦ Beginning at $79/hr

♦ Recruiting support

♦ Employee Handbooks

♦ Compliance reviews

♦ One-off discussions or recurring work

Alternatively, customize a package that meets your needs!
​*Discounts available for new clients and veteran-owned businesses*

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Additional details on how Cobb HR Solutions can add more value to your organization


Job announcements are kept anonymous and include only a basic company profile to attract candidates that will compliment your culture.  Using a fully integrated ATS, connected to Indeed, Glassdoor, and LInkedIn, your positions will attract all active job seekers without the need of "pay per click" sponsorships.  For more advanced targeting using boolean methodology, we utilize LinkedIn Recruiter.


As your company grows, people management can become complex.  That's why employing a HR Information System (HR Management System) to establish clear lines of reporting, compensation, PTO, policy announcements, and an organizational construct tends to pay for itself in the long run.  After reviewing your needs, we'll conduct all the research to find the perfect system, complete all your integrations and onboarding, and offer training to you and your employees on using the system.


Losing site of what your employees value can be easy for company leaders.  You have so much on your plate already!  Through quantitative analysis, we can assist you in determining what problems and success points are occurring in your company.  Whether it be in operations, benefits, management, or elsewhere.  We'll do all the evaluations on the root cause and present you with the results along with some recommends to correct the problem!


Establishing a performance management system has a variety of importance.  It lets employees know of their expectations and lets managers know how to best handle their people.  Everyone is different.  We'll evaluate your various business models and customize performance reports to capture your various lines of business and incorporate your mission, values, and culture!


Give your employees a reason to stay and keep doing those great things!  Effective retention programs will ensure your great employees will continue to do great things with YOUR company.  If you are finding you have a high turnover, we'll get the bottom of "why" by evaluating your company onboarding process, benefits, compensation strategies, and more to provide recommendations on improvement and help roll out new processes!


It is far more cost effect to follow the mandates and regulations put on your business than to violate them.  We can conduct various audits on your documentation, evaluate your business to determine which federal and state policies are in place that you must follow, and make recommendations on new process and policies to institute to keep the government from banging on your door!